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What a hectic couple of weeks!

Well the last 2 weekends have been interesting, last week Aimee’s mother got married, she looked very lovely! 

We made a cake for the occasion, it was no where near as amazing as the actual wedding cake, which can only be described as a masterpiece! However the kids who weren’t keen on the fruitcake (and not allowed to touch the top tier) it did the job.

Natalie (Aimee’s mother) had commissioned a custom cake from her friend Nicci Park at Noodle Doodle Cakes  and it was incredible!

Whilst we were up north, a little impromptu cake baking happened with Aimee’s brother (Xavi) He was ACE! For 10 years old he totally got baking and we think he may become a featured baker on here every now and then!

However this sunday has been a little slow, we have been baking throughout the week but no photo recipes today, thats why we thought we’d give you a little insight into what we’ve been up to! Promise we’ll be back with a BANG next weekend!




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  1. Lovely photo’s! Also so good to see Xavi is into baking too. Good for you Xavi!!


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